Malibu Dana on the Joe Louis Bourbon The Making of Champions 2-part podcast!

Tune in to your Malibu Dana bourbon loving Butterfly Joe Louis Bourbon The Making of Champions podcast with Tonya Cole & Marquis Johns! 

We talk about bourbon ;), the Kentucky trail, overcoming challenges in the face of adversity, finding your passion, living your best life, what I’ve learned as a 12 year breast cancer survivor, my dream TV show, and the importance of being vigilant and early detection.
Part I: Tuesday, June 28 at 8am 
Part II: Tuesday July 12 at 8am 
**AND with the (video) podcasts to go LIVE at 5pm on those dates!!
Then the “The Making of Champions” episodes can be viewed on FB or YouTube @Joe Louis Bourbon - best viewed late night while sipping on a bourbon! ;)
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